Monthly Archives: December 2012

Indiana Jones

Over the holidays, I have watched several older movies such as A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story and the Indiana Jones series. Movies can sometimes give me a new perspective on life; maybe not the whole movie but some little scene or comment.
Let me start with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. There is a scene where Jones (the younger) is trying to rescue his father from an old castle in Austria. They appear to be trapped on the upper level with the Germans approaching and no way to escape. Jones (the elder) says, “Sometimes when I am faced with a problem, I take a break, sit down, and a solution often appears.” He sits down in an old chair which unlatches a secret staircase where they can escape just in time.
Of course that was the movies and pre-arranged. But maybe we can still apply the advice. When problems seem to overcome us, we need to sit. We need to take the weight off our own feet and body and rest in the lap of Jesus. He holds us and the weight of our problems. When we take a break from searching for our own answers, a solution often appears.

Is there a time when you found a solution only after giving your struggle over to God?