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Hunger and Thirst

This morning in Sunday school we were talking about people who accept Jesus as their savior and continue living without any noticeable change. It may be years before they spiritually grow. I was one of them. Why did it take so long to really seek a relationship with Jesus?

In my case, it was because I was hungry and thirsty for the wrong thing. I knew I was saved but I didn’t understand why God didn’t give me what would make me happy; approval and acceptance from people. I tried to live what I considered a godly life but I still held on to a feeling of worthlessness when it came to relationships.

Matthew 5:6 promised, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.” I wasn’t blessed because I wasn’t feeding my spirit. I seldom missed a chance to eat or drink to satisfy my body but I was letting my spirit starve. The more I dug deep into God’s word, the more I wanted to know. My conversations with Jesus became longer. (Conversations, not just requests!) I longed to please God and gave up on pleasing man. Blessings were all around me.

Was I suddenly being blessed or were my eyes opened to God’s movements in my life when I stopped trying to please myself and looked to Him?


Spring is the time for new life to emerge. June is particularly connected with the new life of the graduate. Celebrations are found at every level of advancement in the education system. The graduate faces new adventures and new responsibilities.

This is especially true for the student leaving high school or college. The “real” world is before them and they must try their skills, the way a baby bird flutters about testing his wings.

My daughter graduated last Saturday with a degree in dental hygiene, nine years after she received her dental assisting license. You’d think that her wings would be well developed in launching her new beginning. But each succession brings its own uncertainty.

So it is true in all our lives. Learning, growing and changing doesn’t require a formal educational system. Every day brings opportunities to gain knowledge. Each challenge should be seen as a training field for strengthening our skills. A disagreement can teach us to be more tolerable; a misunderstanding can show us how to listen better; or a hurtful remark may teach us forgiveness.

Proverbs 1:7 says, “Fools despise wisdom and discipline.” Don’t be a fool: look for your chance to absorb all the knowledge available.

Have you learned something lately that changed the way you thought about that thing?

Publishers Clearing House

Wow! I received a letter from Publishers Clearing House and I MAY have already won millions of dollars! What will I do first? Travel? New car? College for my grandson? No worries; there is enough for all my dreams.

Wait, there is a warning: “Failure to follow…serious forfeiture of money.” I wonder how forfeiting millions of dollars is not serious. Anyway, all I have to do is find the labels, scattered throughout the stack of ads, notices and magazine offers, and stick them in the correct places. Then send it in and I have a one-in-a-bazillion chance of winning!

How many people get their hopes up to receive everything they ever wanted for just returning an envelope? There is a better way to receive the biggest treasure of all: peace and eternal life. There is a catch; you have to believe in Jesus. But that’s it. No sorting papers or sticking labels.

John 3:16 promises, “God so loved the world (that includes you), that He gave his one and only son, that whoever (that’s you, again) believes (one simple step) in him shall not (guaranteed) perish but have eternal life (the greatest treasure). (NIV)

Is your faith in winning the lottery or in trusting God?

Church Bells

A group of five women in our church decided to meet once a week to pray for a deeper relationship with our Lord for ourselves and throughout the church. One night we held hands in the sanctuary and offered our lives to God. As we finished praying the bells in the church tower chimed. We quietly soaked in the soothing tones.

Several days later I commented to someone at church that it was nice to have the bells repaired and playing again, even if it was ten minutes after and not right on the hour. She was surprised and informed me that her husband had been working on them. They were not operating but they also had been disconnected so there was no power to them.

The following prayer night, we discussed the mystery of the chimes. There was no doubt the music came from the tower. After praying, our fellowship ended at ten minutes until the hour and again the chimes rang out. Was this confirmation that our prayers were heard?

Have you had a time something happened that you couldn’t explain? Was God involved?