Church Bells

A group of five women in our church decided to meet once a week to pray for a deeper relationship with our Lord for ourselves and throughout the church. One night we held hands in the sanctuary and offered our lives to God. As we finished praying the bells in the church tower chimed. We quietly soaked in the soothing tones.

Several days later I commented to someone at church that it was nice to have the bells repaired and playing again, even if it was ten minutes after and not right on the hour. She was surprised and informed me that her husband had been working on them. They were not operating but they also had been disconnected so there was no power to them.

The following prayer night, we discussed the mystery of the chimes. There was no doubt the music came from the tower. After praying, our fellowship ended at ten minutes until the hour and again the chimes rang out. Was this confirmation that our prayers were heard?

Have you had a time something happened that you couldn’t explain? Was God involved?

3 thoughts on “Church Bells

  1. Lynn Hare

    Nancey, great post. Just reading this post gave peace to my spirit.That’s crazy-supernatural about hearing the bells chime. I love that! Really, the miracle of God’s favor on us is an everyday joy and gift. And to be called His friend.

  2. Ray Watts

    My everyday miracle happened last night when a storm over Houston closed the air port and made Suzie and I miss our plane to Portland. We had a pleasant night in a local hotel and got here today. The same storm caused Sydney and John’s plane to be delayed two hours, which they needed because they got lost in construction around the DFW airport. God is amazing in how He works things out.

  3. Jan West

    And these bells chimed at the end of Minnie’s Celebration of LIfe the other day! A wonderful way to end a service….. in sync with His plan. Wouldn’t you say, Ray?

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