Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Right Chart

A nurse friend of mine had challenges with her job, her children and selling her house. She didn’t think she could handle another stressful issue when her husband became seriously ill. At this point she said, “If God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, He must be looking at someone else’s chart.” Of course, it was a very difficult time but she made it through to a see better days.

I read on a Face Book post, “God sometimes pushes us to our limits because He has greater faith in us than we have in ourselves.” (By JCLU Forever) We all have had times when we don’t think we can handle life’s situations. But God knows it is by stepping (or being pushed) outside our comfort zone that we grow. He has faith in our ability to trust Him. Trusting Him strengthens our faith.

Just like my friend, we can feel we have passed our limit of heartache and hurt. That is when we can collapse in God’s loving arms, knowing He will be there to catch us. My friend was sure God had mistaken her for someone who could handle the pain. In the end, she had a less stressful job, a nicer house and a stronger relationship with her husband. God knew who He was dealing with.

Have you ever thought God allowed more than you could handle? How did you deal with it?

Digging Up Roots

Sometimes nature can show us how to deal with problems in our own lives. Recently, I quickly weeded around the flowers in my yard, breaking off the unwanted plants at the ground. My flowers looked better without the unsightly distractions and I was happy.

Then I left for a ten-day vacation. When I returned the weeds were bigger and thicker than the ones I had torn out. I felt overwhelmed with the job ahead of me to weed around the flowers again. This time I took my spade and loosened all the moist dirt and pulled the roots out along with the plant. When I was finished, I watered the area and placed bark chips around the flowers. The weeds will have a harder time establishing themselves now.

The same is true with our bad habits. We may find the strength to stop them for a while but before we know it, they have returned. Maybe we need to look a little deeper at them. Why did we start that particular habit? What causes us to fall back on it? Whether we are talking about eating, smoking, drugs, swearing, gossip, bitterness or just being apathetic, we all have something to work on.

Identify your issue and ask God to show you the root cause of it. If you dig up the root, the problem will be easier to abandon. But just getting rid of it isn’t enough; replace it with something positive. You can throw out the chips and have veggies available for those moments of compulsive eating. When you say a bad word or a bad word about someone, correct it with an encouraging word. Your good habits with be brighter when you replace the bad ones.

What habit is God showing you to get rid of? How are you handling it?

Let Freedom Ring

Colorful fireworks exploding over the lake last night were a reminder of a line in The Star Spangled Banner: “Bombs bursting in air.” Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago bombs lit up the skies of our Eastern shores. The result was our freedom; freedom to make our own choices.

That escape from British rule is celebrated in numerous ways throughout our great nation, but it is the fireworks that most closely resemble the fight for freedom. In this era the display of lights is enjoyed with delight, unlike the fear brought by the long ago battles. That ability to celebrate without fear is the reason we commemorate the 4th of July.

Living without fear is also one of the promises God has given us. No matter what comes our way, He will be with us to the end. Knowing that allows us to live with peace and gives us the freedom to share His love in joy and happiness.

As we remember those who sacrificed to give us freedom, let us also thank God for the sacrifice of His son for our eternal freedom.