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Get Rid of the Bitterness

Last week I talked about how The Lord’s Prayer showed me that God answers our needs day to day. It is not for us to worry about tomorrow. I applied that lesson to stop worrying about our property payments. Well, sort of. I stopped calculating how God could solve our problem and began anticipating that He would answer right away; since I wasn’t anxious any longer.
Meanwhile, when praying with my prayer group one of them said I was bitter. I knew it was true. I was angry about the time and money the farm took. If I trusted God with excitement when we bought the farm, why was I bitter now? Did God change? No, it was I who gave up. I prayed that the spirit of bitterness would be removed. I apologized to my family for my attitude.
Eventually, the excitement in truly trusting God returned.
Six months later, I randomly met someone who said he knew the owner of the second largest Christmas tree operation in the Northwest. He asked if I wanted him to tell the owner about our farm. Of course I did, expecting he would mention it the next time they met, if he remembered. To my surprise, the owner called me within an hour. He looked at the trees and made an offer to purchase 3/4th of them. His last payment would be paid at the time our property loan was due and would be more than enough to cover it.
God does answer our prayers but sometimes we get in the way of the blessing because of our attitude.

Are you expecting God to answer your prayer or are you trusting Him to take care of your problems?