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Holding On

I love to go for walks with my dogs, Annie and Maggie. They enjoy bounding through the woods in search of various smells. Their favorite thing is to chase birds and squirrels. One such day, they were digging around an old, rotting log in pursuit of a squirrel. Maggie jerked her head out of a hole with the animal in her mouth and quickly tossed it into the air. Annie was close by and jumped to catch it.

She was successful in grabbing it except she had the wrong end. With the squirrel’s hind end between her teeth the squirrel could turn to bite Annie in the face. Annie shook her head violently and the squirrel held tight. Neither would let go. Annie banged the squirrel against the ground and pushed it over the rocks. Finally, Annie won the battle and wears the scar to prove it.

The battle with the killer squirrel may have been humorous but it did remind me of how I sometimes hold on to things I should let go of. It is easy to grit my teeth and stay angry at someone who has hurt me. The longer I fight against forgiveness, the bigger scar that is left on my heart. The scar can only heal when I let go and begin to forgive.

What are you holding onto that may be keeping a wound from healing?