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Don’t Let Bitterness Take Root

While babysitting this week, I read my daughter-in-laws notes she had written during the Sunday message at her church. The sentence that caught my attention was, “Life is hard, people are difficult, but how you respond is your choice and not their fault.”

No one makes you react in a negative way when you have been wronged. The scripture used in this sermon was Hebrews 12:15, “Let no root of bitterness springing up among you cause trouble and by it, many be defiled.” When bitterness takes root it pulls those around the issue into the trouble. No one is left without injury. Bitterness needs to be cut at the ground. The only one capable of that is the one harboring it.

Another sentence I liked from the sermon notes was, “Nursing a hurt slowly changes us as we begin to define ourselves by the perceived wrongs perpetrated against us and not the freedom purchased for us.” Our injuries come from other people, who are just as imperfect as we are. Cling to the freedom God gives and allow others to make mistakes. Do not cultivate the wrongs done. If ignored, they will starve to death. Use your energy to garden the positive in your life.

Have you ever accidently hurt someone you care about because you were harboring and nurturing bitterness against another person?