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Mystery Cat

In that foggy area between sleep and consciousness I felt a light thump at the foot of the bed followed by the soft pressure of paws gently walking across my legs. I smiled as the cat nestled on the quilt beside my stomach and began to purr. I was only eight years old and shared a bed with my sister and often a cat or two. I pulled my hand from beneath the covers and reached to caress my pet. To my surprise nothing was there. I sat up to search for the cat who I had felt curl up next to me. There was no cat anywhere on the bed.

For years this situation teased at my understanding of reality. I had listened to many ghost stories of strange things happening but surely there had to be an explanation behind the abnormal. It was several years before I realized that in my drowsy state of awareness time may have lapsed between when I felt the cat jump on the bed and when I reached to pet it. Maybe I dozed off and gave the feline time to retreat. Case solved, logic reinstated.

This could be our reaction when we get to heaven and are able to see more clearly. “Now we see as looking through a mirror, then we will see clearly.” As a child, I looked through suggestions and not facts. When I grew more mature, I looked beyond imagination. We all look at the world around us with the limitations of human eyes. In heaven, we will see sharply with spiritual eyes. How quick should we judge what we think is reality?

Is there something in your life that is hard to understand why God would allow?