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Let Freedom Ring

Colorful fireworks exploding over the lake last night were a reminder of a line in The Star Spangled Banner: “Bombs bursting in air.” Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago bombs lit up the skies of our Eastern shores. The result was our freedom; freedom to make our own choices.

That escape from British rule is celebrated in numerous ways throughout our great nation, but it is the fireworks that most closely resemble the fight for freedom. In this era the display of lights is enjoyed with delight, unlike the fear brought by the long ago battles. That ability to celebrate without fear is the reason we commemorate the 4th of July.

Living without fear is also one of the promises God has given us. No matter what comes our way, He will be with us to the end. Knowing that allows us to live with peace and gives us the freedom to share His love in joy and happiness.

As we remember those who sacrificed to give us freedom, let us also thank God for the sacrifice of His son for our eternal freedom.