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This Is The Day

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain cascading past my window and I wanted to stay in bed. As my dog encouraged me to get up, I thought of Psalm 118:34:

“This is the day the Lord has made;” Yes, the Creator of all things, from the massive universe to the tiny fingers of a newborn baby, made this day for me. He is the one who brought my path to this place in time where I can lie in bed and watch the rain, or get up and fill my day with activity. He gives me life and I choose what to do with it.

“Let us rejoice,” I choose to give Him thanks and praise for whatever happens.

“And be glad in it.” When I feel gratitude toward God, I am filled with joy and happiness.

This can be the perfect morning prayer. It begins by addressing who the Lord is, then says what I should do and ends with how I will feel. I repeat this verse as I get ready for my day to make a difference in my mood. Grumbling is erased with thankfulness.

Do you begin your morning with the weight of the day’s agenda? Or do you take a few minutes to connect with your Creator and let Him ease your load?