God and bikers; do they mix? In a recent article on Oregon Faith Report I read about Pastor Kinne Callaway and The RodeHouse, a non-traditional church that he leads in Bend, Oregon. They meet in a building they call “the box.” Callaway was quoted as explaining, “because we want to live and think outside the box.”
They do take their faith outside “the box” by joining other motorcycle enthusiasts where ever they meet, including bars.
Living outside the box can be seen in two ways; first by getting out of the church building and taking your faith into the community. And second, by sharing your faith in non-traditional ways, which is also outside the regular church setting.
When you keep your faith inside, whether it is inside you or inside the church, it may seem safe but it isn’t. When your faith is restricted it cannot grow and becomes endangered of dying. Your faith was meant to grow and become strong by sharing it with others.
I spent years keeping my beliefs to myself for fear of what people may say. That was a dead faith. Now, I live outside the box by sharing my faith in my everyday life.
Rough and tough motorcycle riders joining with God? Of course. God doesn’t fit in any box.

How can you step outside your comfort zone to share your faith?

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In the last few weeks I’ve found that when talking with people, I can relate what the Spirit has done for me in a similar situation or current situation. It opens doors to discussions and prayers with people I would not normally expect to be open or in need. It is great to be used by God when we don’t expect it.


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