A look inside the Lebanon Soup Kitchen reveals the miracles God works in the lives of the servers and the served. They find new meaning in life and faith in humanity by volunteering to help, or by accepting a free meal. Material boundaries disappear in the compassion for physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

People come searching for acceptance of who they are and validation of their value as a human. As they share their stories, tears are shed in both heart-breaking and joy-filled accounts. It is in the bare human needs where God works in the smallest detail to bring a light of hope.

A town of 13,000 reaches out three nights a week to serve restaurant-style baked chicken, Mexican casserole or German meatloaf in a safe, friendly atmosphere. Volunteers, the homeless, the working poor and the disabled come together for more than a meal, more than take-home food and more than hand-me-down clothes; the real thing they find is connection with a caring community.

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Enslaved No More:

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